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A new store concept online & offline

The legitimacy of Lancel stems, above all, from our products. naturally, therefore, the principle of “product as hero” has been applied in the maison’s new locations.

Set against a luminous white background are colors that pop and are amusing and fun which create modern luxury. Customers move about with ease, all the while appreciative of the artistic dash imparted by the art deco curve of a glass showcase or the piano- like black gloss of lacquered wood. Certain locations like the Champs-Elysées store are reminiscent of the maison’s links to the festive spirit of Paris boulevards.

This new concept, both timeless and modern, attracts as many French men and women as visitors from abroad.

The web site has been revamped and is now an e-commerce venue designed to offer our customers a gracious welcome and the best service in an elegant, personalized environment, a true invitation to Lancel style.