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The Scarf guide

How to tie your XL silk headband ?

Lancel offers you 3 ways to wear your XL silk headband:

Tie your headband XL in a turban in your hair

The XL headband can be worn as a fashion accessory in the
hair. We propose you to tie it turban way, for a casual-chic look assured!

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Wear your XL headband in a beal

Let's find out how to tie the scarf in a belt. It adds a touch of
elegance to your outfits and sublimate your look!

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Use your headband in a shoulder strap

This accessory will give a touch of originality and fantasy to your bag.
Use our XL headband to personalize your bag, by wrapping the scarf all
around the shoulder strap. For a look thought in every detail!

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Our selection of XL silk headbands for you: