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Luggage guide


Are you looking for a suitcase suitable for leaving for a week ? Lancel offers you a wide
choice of heavy and light cabin luggage to follow you on all your trips !

In details

Medium-sized luggage for travelers who want a small, light and easy to
handle especially thanks to its four multi-directional and silent wheels.
The capacity of this luggage is twice of a hand baggage.
Whether you are a casual or frequent traveler for stays of one week to ten
days, or you take a bag for two for a week, this is the baggage you need.
A practical bag, both container and space-saving, perfectly suited for all
modes of travel: plane, train, subway, car etc.

Our advice

If you go for two for ten days, play the mix and match by choosing each
suitcase color to travel in style. To complete your equipment and travel
with your beauty essentials, you can perfectly slide a vanity on the trolley
cane and travel with style and comfort.

You're looking for carry-on luggage with zipped and compartmentalized
pockets to help you organize and maximize their capacity.