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Luggage Guide

More than 2 weeks stay

Looking for a suitcase suitable for a stay of more than two weeks?
Lancel suggests the ultimate luggage container ideal for longer stays and more distant!

In details

A very large suitcase for travelers who wish to have a hold baggage with
the greatest storage capacity, either to bring a maximum of business, or
to bring back a maximum of memories.
Suitable for long, long family trips with children, the XL is ideal for those
who do not want to pack a lot of luggage for the travels.

Our Advice

The XL case can contain the cabin or medium suitcases to limit the clutter at home.
This XL suitcase will complement the equipment of seasoned expert travelers.
To optimize the storage inside the XLarge suitcase, we advise you to
adopt one or more customizable storage kits that will allow you to order
the inside of your luggage according to your habits and needs!
Finally, last tip for travelers wishing to bring back a maximum of travel
memories: remember to carry in your bag XLarge a bag 24 or 48h.
maximum de souvenirs de voyage : pensez à emporter dans votre valise
Explorer cotton waxed, very light, flexible and foldable for a minimum of
space, which will allow you to adjust and further maximize your return cargo capacity.
If you are traveling by plane, please note that you may be subject to excess baggage
taxes depending on the restrictive standards (weights and sizes) of the different airlines.